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Fun & Creativity



Whether it's learning how to hold a crayon, getting messy with some fun paints, sculpting Play-Doh while strengthening little hand muscles or discovering colors while playing with chalks; Our team uses art as a conductive form of teaching age-based concepts so your little one can grasp them in an engaging and entertaining way.

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Language & Math

Throughout the day and through various activities, children are exposed to a number of concepts carefully designed to stimulate their verbal skills as well their basic math knowledge. This is done keeping in mind each child's age, their individual development as well as their interest.

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Movement plays an integral role in our  day-to-day activities. We believe physical activity has the potential to do so much for the kids. It allows them to discover and get in tune with their physical and spatial coordination, and much more.


Social Emotional Development

At our daycare we believe that building a strong emotional and social fundation is just as important as any other development milestones. From very early on, we reinforce concepts to help children build their self-esteem, self-confident and self-worth.

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Birthday Parties

As part of celebrating each kids' individuality and uniqueness, we give birthdays a special place at our day care. In collaboration and approval of the parents, kids get to celebrate their special friends at daycare, play fun games eating cake and sharing gifts, smiles and tons of fun.


Field Trips

Whether it is a visit to Underwood Family Farms to learn about animals and enjoy a day full of fun, or perhaps a ride on the local bus to learn about transportation methods, our team is constantly looking for ideas to give the kids hands-on experience outside a regular day to day curriculum.

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