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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Ana Delmar

Mom & Founder

Ana is a talented and nurturing educator with over 40 years of experience working with infants and children. She has devoted a significant part of her life to creating loving environments where children can learn, explore, play, and discover their potential.

Through her career, Ana has held multiple roles in the educational setting. Whether as a pre-school teacher, a school principal, or running multiple government and non-profit organizations in South America, Ana has been exposed to the broad spectrum of elements that take part in providing children with an optimal, loving, and caring learning environment.


Ana has extensive training and experience in early child stimulation and child development, as well as experience in working with children with learning disabilities and hyperactivity. 

She is CPR and First certified, and is fluent in Spanish. 


Most importantly, Ana is also a mom. She has raised two daughters and is the proud nonna of two grandsons.

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Antonieta Cerritos

Language & Mathematics

Antonieta  joined Delmar’s Family Childcare .Her passion and dedication led her to further her education in child development and early stimulation, and has now completed a series of certificates that focus on different aspects of child development, including cognitive, emotional, and physical. 


Antonieta possesses strong and remarkable skills that allow her to connect and bond with children in a beautiful and natural way as they work, play, and learn together.


Antoniieta is also a mom. She has raised one daughters and a son.

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