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Please note schedule varies and it is adjusted to accommodate infants' needs


Kids are greeted and served breakfast upon arrival.

Breakfast typically consists of milk, a fruit and grain serving.

Breakfast is followed by free play time before guided activities begin.

Every morning activities start with songs sang by the kids to help to identify "what day of the week it is"

"What the weather looks like" etc.

Morning play focuses primarily on gross motor development, and includes a combination of indoor and outdoor activities.


At 11:00 am children get ready for lunch. This is a great time to reinforce hygiene habits like washing hands prior to eating.

Home-made lunch is served every day at 11:15 am. The daily menu is regulated and supervised by the Ventura County Food Program to ensure children are provided nutritious and balanced foods.

After lunch all kids nap from 12:00- pm through 2:30 pm.

Upon waking up children are provided with snacks that consist of milk and the snack of the day.

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